Das Geschlecht der Seele

“Das Geschlecht der Seele”, Part 1 & 2, Documentary, SRF, 2018
Composition, performance, production & music mix
Director: Béla Batthyany, Production: SRF DOK

Kosmos Audio CI

Composition / Performance / Production / Surround Mix / Mastering / DCP production
With Domenico Ferrari. Animation by Josh Schaub & Erich Brechbühl. Agency: Roth Maerchy

Carl Lutz – der vergessene Held

Carl Lutz – the forgotten hero. Documentary.

Composition, production & mixing of the soundtrack.
With Domenico Ferrari. Director: Daniel von Aarburg. Production: Docmine.

Swisslex «Gewaltenteilung»

Swisslex platform

This tilting platform that can be brought into level by visitors placing themselves in the right spots on the platform. The experience is enriched with a sound component: a four-voice fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded on four separate tracks. Those tracks are assigned to the ends of two orthogonal axes of the platform, and when the platform is tilted, the tracks are pitch-bent according to their deviation from level. In level, the music is as it should be.

Conceptual & Technical Consulting, Music Production, Quality Management.
With Domenico Ferrari. Agency: Roth Maerchy

«Baden in Musik»

Baden in Musik

Photo © Lukas Wassmann

Radio project at a vocational school, Baden, Switzerland.

Planning and setup of a temporary radio studio / Recording all discussions / Creating sample-based music with the students using sounds recorded by them at their workplaces / Mixing of all the tracks.
With Søren Berner.