Sound Design, whether it is applied in the work for film, corporate clients, or musical artists, creates identity. Sonic identity played an important part of the creation of the following examples.

Yesh «Drift»  composition, sound design, production, arrangement, recording

Yesh «VII»  composition, sound design, production, arrangement, recording
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The sounds for Yesh’s music were meticulously crafted prior to the composition process by recording and processing Tibetan instruments, her own body percussion and vocal samples.

Kosmos Audio CI

Audio Logo / Audio Logo & 3D Glasses alert / Cell phone alert / Entrance music (10′)

Composition / Sound Design / Performance / Production / Surround Mix / Mastering / DCP production
With Domenico Ferrari. Animation by Josh Schaub & Erich Brechbühl. Agency: Roth Maerchy

By adding 10 minutes of entrance music to the short animations with audio logo and similar sound design, the visitor of the Kosmos multiplex cinema in the heart of Zurich is completely surrounded by a unified sound language that creates a calm and concentrated atmosphere before the movie starts.

Pacifica «6:34 AM»  composition, production, arrangement
With Domenico Ferrari.

In this all-synthesizer production, creating the right sonic textures was essential in combining multiple small musical motives that fit together seamlessly.

Lea Lu «Toi et Moi»  production, sound design, arrangement, production, all instruments except guitar, mix

Departing point was a short voice & guitar demo by Lea, and she wanted a light, summery feel in the production without losing the original vibe. Subtle instrumentation and sound design were the solution and extensive airplay was the result.